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  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama

Thank you from SALON.

thank you always.This is Hayama, who will be graduating from THE SALON at the end of this month.This will be my last blog post.1:00 in the middle of the night.I'm just starting to write the opening remarks in the same way as usual, but... "It's finally time to say goodbye to the salon...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 22, 2023

SALON's Regret, Never Standing First ~A Request from Hayama~

thank you always. I'm Hayama, who wants to choose "regrets I did" rather than "regrets I didn't do." "If I miss this moment right now, I feel like I'll never get another chance!"I'm the type of person who makes a straight approach without hesitation and at a relatively early stage.Well...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 11, 2023

That's why SALON can't stop.

thank you always. It will soon be two and a half years since I became a concierge at SALON.I feel like I say this all the time, but time flies really fast, doesn't it?The other day, at the office, I had the opportunity to browse various data related to the setting.On a whim, I decided to extract the total number of settings I've been in charge of over the past two and a half years...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 22, 2023

Herbivore men, learn from SALON

thank you always.This is Hayama, who is rather seriously worried about the accelerating “herbivorization of Japanese boys”.If I write something like this, the point is that young people will laugh at me, saying, "I'm feeling like an old man."Still, when I think a little more seriously about Japan's future, I think it's a problem that can't be "completely overlooked."Among recent data, the most noteworthy is the percentage of men never married. ...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 10, 2023

To capture the hearts of women in their 20s!

thank you always. I'm Hayama, who loves salons and loves chatting.The other day, I had the opportunity to talk with a male member.When I asked him about his recent situation, he said that he is still in a relationship with a woman who was introduced at SALON about a year and a half ago.The person himself said it was easy, but... it's a very rare and amazing thing that the relationship lasts for a year and a half! ...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 25, 2023

In 2023, SALON will mass-produce the best matching!

thank you always. In 2023, this is hayama for the first blog post.Happy New Year to all!Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON this year!Personally, I didn't go out in particular, and it was a very normal New Year's holiday.Speaking of the only irregularity, is that New Year's Eve afternoon, I went into the studio on a whim and played the drums for the first time in a while...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 10, 2023

Are you ready for Merikuri?

thank you always. This is Hayama, who likes “genuine cafes” more than “cafes”.December is busy with setting up every day. (I feel like I'm busy all year long!) Suddenly, I thought, "I want to drink coffee at a quiet shop during break time today." rice field. "Is there a nice pure coffee shop around here?"

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 22, 2022

There is nothing more unreliable than a man's taste

thank you always.Hayama is still excited about the soccer World Cup.Even so, I was really impressed by Samurai Blue's good fight.Unfortunately, it didn't make it to the quarterfinals for the first time, but even a casual fan like me can understand the fact that this was the best World Cup in Japanese football history!At first, it was called "Death Group", and Japan was considered to be difficult to break through, "Group Lee...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 10, 2022

100% the concierge's responsibility.

thank you always.After all, I'm Hayama, who loves miso ramen.I love ramen in general, but when I see an orange flag with the word “miso ramen” written on it, my heart skips a beat.It goes without saying that the miso ramen you eat at a restaurant is delicious on a day when your body is cold to the core.Eat at home "Sapporo Ichiban miso la...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 23, 2022

Let's meet again in Ginza for the second year

thank you always.This is Hayama, whose hip line has become more beautiful recently.One night, when I was standing in front of the mirror wearing only my underwear, I suddenly had an idea. "Maybe my butt is tighter than before?" (Somehow, I feel happy and embarrassed...) ...

  • Posted by: Shinji Hayama
  • June 9, 2022


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