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  • June 26, 2020
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Thank you for your continued support.

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
This is Asakura from THE SALON.

Finally, all the staff went to work at the end of the holiday!

Say goodbye to lonely work days!



And how

I got a junior too!





She likes sweets and seems to have a withdrawn temperament.
I feel like we can get along
(There are various opinions)


Thank you! !


Now, to the point,
recently?from before?



There may be dating clubs,

I often hear stories like this.



"It's better to be proactive in dating adults."

"If you just want a meal and"



No... um... yes... (laughs)

... no no no (laughs)


I'm a man too, so I know how you feel.

Honestly, if that's all you're going for,
Isn't it good at a night shop?

I will think.



Certainly women who are registered with SALON
There are a lot of attractive people that you can't usually meet.


with thosemature relationshipwant to build a
If you're a man, I think it's a natural desire (isn't it?)



heredating clubIsA social gathering place for gentlemen and ladiesIt is.


It is a place where you can meet beautiful people and enjoy tea and meals smartly afterwards.
It is up to the two of you to decide whether it will develop into a free love after that.

That frustrating feeling of whether or not you can date!

Once again, that painful and pale feeling that I experienced in the past!


SuchEmotional changesI really want you to enjoy the

SuchI want to connect a wonderful relationshipThat's what I really think.


Too idealistic?


No, I don't think so.


Members who have already registered with The SALON
Members who will register in the future
I think that you have accumulated countless great love affairs and experiences in the past.


I just know that you meet so many beautiful women that you get tired of them. 

I believe that he is an attractive gentleman who has such a wealth of experience and is overwhelmingly relaxed.


Such a young man who doesn't know right or left writes such a cheeky thing
I must sincerely apologize.


in the future tooThe SALON


[adult tactics]


We hope you will enjoy it.


We look forward to working with you in the future.




Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
THE SALON Kei Asakura 


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