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  • June 10, 2020
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Thank you for your continued support.

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
This is Asakura from THE SALON.


The other day,Taken by the Universe staff,
I went to listen to the speech of the gubernatorial election.


The staff member in the universe
Best coordinatorBecause I was a big senior who was also chosen by
let me studyShibuyaI was taken to


By the way, I'd like to visit the Universe Shibuya office, which I haven't been to since it was built.


And so on.


What kind of person will you hear when you arrive?ExcitedI was waiting while




... I was stunned.

('Д') ← Maybe he had a face like this (laughs)


Super cleiji-kun...?

mother,,,,It smells anti-social (laughs)


My first impression was of the anti-social forces in Paripi.


Of yoreMr. Minoru TorihadaI remembered


It seems that he is a black clothes and rapper in Ginza,
I don't know what happened, but
It seems that this was the first time he ran.


Incidentally 挨 拶 TheGood morningButHello TheNot

It seems to say "Hey hey".


After that, after a short speech,
song and danceshowed me.


So this timeThe title of the blog is the name of the song lol


One last time, he gave a speech,

My first impression is very different
He was a very cool person.
Clumsily sticking to his beliefs,

He looked like something out of an old bad manga!(This is a compliment.)


There is also a PV on You*ube, so please take a look if you are interested.

The street speech ended all right,

Now,Shibuya officeI wanted to go to

I gave up on that day because it ended outside business hours.

It's not Asakura who just gives up...!

speech effectorInfluenced by antisocial forcesI don't know, but

mysterious rebellious spiritI got into the office the next day.





pretty···! !

Overwhelming! ! ! !Overwhelming cleanliness...! ! !

Moreover, it is in a good location on the 13th floor!

It was a wonderful office that Asakura, who has a fear of heights, couldn't resist.



If you are thinking of interviewing for Universe, please
How about visiting the Shibuya office?


And once in a while, I will also advertise the universe.


It was Asakura on the way home thinking about what to write next week.


That's all from the scene! ! !



Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
THE SALON Kei Asakura


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