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SALON men's hated women's type 3-piece set

Always I am indebted.
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
This is Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.


It's the middle of July.I haven't done anything summery yet.
Fireworks wearing a yukata?A festival?
Summer traditions have been canceled everywhere.
The GoTo campaign is full of great deals, but you can't really go out.

That's it!
Shaved ice machine and nagashi somen noodles at home! ! !
And it is a mediocre Haneda.

Well, today I made a blog because I think that the types that men dislike and are not good at tend to be the same.

Loose, Kanekane Kingon woman, calculating person, too skinny, too fat

It's not good to be loose because it shows your humanity as a person.
I think that people who have just met gold gold appeal can do it well.
calculating person. .
(Yeah, yeah. You mean Haneda. Isn't it more popular for women to be bruised?
Haneda is a black man who has been calculating and moving around the
My head is blank. )

Well, the top 3 things that men are not good at are...



③ Tobacco


① Blond hair

Hearings, statistically, these three are common.

By far the most popular...




Haneda family, deceased grandmother is amazing H cup
mother is F cup
I was born into such a big-breasted family, but apparently I resembled my father.

lol (´Д⊂ヽ



Thank you until the end.

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
THE SALON, Ayano Haneda


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