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  • June 17, 2020
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I thought about TheSALON.



Daddy in the midst of the Warring States period
How to make future developments while there is only life or death,
Despite being the most important
Being swept away by public opinion, they are still besieging the castle.


Thank you for your continued support.

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
This is Asakura from THE SALON.



I've been having a lot of trouble lately,
Even on Twitter, [Urgent] or SALON members!
And so on.

Tempa for the first time in a while,
Twitter reportReplace "To members!" with "To members!"
Asakura is full of apologetic feelings that she has become so bossy.


Furthermore, since the tweet was firmly fixed on Kawakami,
I fixed that I deleted it immediately and rewrote it.


It's embarrassing (laughs)


With that,
This time, I would like to write what I think about SALON.


If you never put TheSALON in the title,
I feel like I'm getting more attention...


It's not an impure motive! (Serious face)



So firstAbout what men are interested in and what they want to know


What kind of woman do you have?


In terms of looks, if you see him on the street, you'll want to look at him twice.
However, in terms of concept, if it is just beautiful, it will not be registered.
Personality, courtesy, and charm are also necessary.
It's a big place that I can't usually meet you in the middle of the day.
Is it something like a good woman instead of a beautiful woman?


Is it expensive?


⇒ From my point of view, I think it is “expensive”.
However, if you meet the admission requirements,
Isn't that the amount of paper you use to wipe away your sweat? (This is wrong, sorry.)

However, there is no impression that it is so expensive.


What's your concierge's opinion?


What do you think?
Kawakami is still a newcomer, so I think it's just a matter of time.

However, I believe that Haneda is a wonderful concierge.

I'm... honest and confident. (Although there are still some points to be reached)

I don't think it's as good as Haneda or Itsuki (my senior who took care of me, even now).


4what kind of service is that?


Only those who have passed strict admission conditions can use it,
A social gathering place for ladies and gentlemen that reproduces the 19th century in France.

Let me briefly explain
This is a luxury patron matching service.

what is that?

If you think so, please let me know.


And how far will you go?


⇒ Simply put, we are concierges and butlers.
Our business is to connect the first contact of gentlemen and ladies.

So I can't get too involved after that.

Isn't that irresponsible?You may think that
Our further involvement means that
This is a legally difficult part.

And after the first contact, it's free love.
The concierge at most comes out in love between adult men and women,
I think it's a little uncouth.

But it's different until the first contact,
Of course it is.

It's no exaggeration to say that they are almost celebrities.
I can't work with such a playful feeling.
Sincerely, I will connect you with a wonderful encounter.

Well, is this enough?


Then nextIt is about the points that women are interested in and the points they want to know.


I'm worried because it's my first dating club, but what about it?


Thank you for having the courage to apply.
I think it's a very brave decision.
But please don't worry.
I will explain what you don't understand, and if you can't get rid of your anxiety
I will not force you to do anything.

Only one thing, please decline if you are half-hearted.

We only want to introduce you to the good lady.


What kind of people are there?


Almost a celebrity gentleman.
All of you are experienced and charming.
You are a wonderful person who can be respected.


I applied because there was no description of the photo and I was able to meet an amazing person.


Please pick it up.
As mentioned above, we do not refer friends.
Get more social experience and start over


4Isn't that prostitution?


After that, the two of you will consult with each other,
Our mission is to make first contact.

If it's just prostitution, I recommend working at night.


I'm doing a lot of shaping, but is it okay?


This is difficult.
But I think it's nice of you to be honest with me.
Because plastic surgery is not a bad thing,
I can't say that much, but it's true that some people are concerned.


Is this about

I wrote a lot of things up to this point,

*This is Asakura's idea.This is my impression.
Not everyone thinks the same


When I look back from above, it looks so arrogant and I get angry (laughs)
excuse me.


I am still very young and still studying, but I will continue to devote myself even more in the future.
We look forward to working with you in the future.



Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
THE SALON Kei Asakura


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