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  • June 30, 2018
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Is the Heisei era coming to an end?! ! !

Is the Heisei era coming to an end?! ! !

It's over again this year

It's not open yet, but as a routine

Thank you all for your help this year! ! (smile)

no!Thank you in advance for your kindness! ! !

The Heisei era will end in April next year, so the new era will almost coincide with the opening date of SALON! !

That's a good idea!Easy to remember!And the staff is easy to remember (laughs)

Since the number of years since opening is the same as the year and month,

As with the new era, I hope to engrave the memories of various activities over time.

Don't say cool things, me

Oh, I'm sorry (laughs)
It's the end of the year so please forgive me

As soon as I realized that my partner Mamiya was ahead of me in terms of the content of my blog.
I feel it these days,

Well, you're really good at catchphrases that really catch your eye!
If I were on the user side, it would be a stinging power of words! !
Mamiya is a big senior, so if I evaluate him, he might get angry later (laughs)

But when it comes to meeting people in person, I'm no less human, so please come see me!Men too!Women too!
Talk to Sakaguchi! !We will provide you with a fun time just like a date! !

We are looking forward to seeing you next year! !

Happy new year to all of you! !

Masami Sakaguchi


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