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  • June 11, 2019
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It's annoying

It's annoying


How good does that sound? (laughs)


i love boobs! !

Not perverted!5% of men will like it! ! !


Recently, F cup, G cup, H cup and the large breast rate of interview women are high.
I'm having trouble finding where to look, to be honest...


So, I had a thought...


After all, boobs are not easy to touch, but I think there's an aesthetic that makes them disgusting because they're so close to each other!
It is said that a man's dream is full!

If you touch it, what do you mean, value or interest, something is halved.
(Of course, it doesn't actually go down in value.)


I'm also a man, so I've been to a brothel, and I've had a G-cup woman go with me.

It's the climax until the woman takes the bra!From there, I'm not very interested in the chest (laughs)

Something is halved by seeing and touching
That's why when interviewing women's unseen and untouchable boobs appear in front of you, it's annoying, that's it! !

So if you have big breasts, please appeal to yourself! !
And please forgive the man who sees you unintentionally! !

I have so many weapons!

I would like men to share this feeling! !

I'm writing this, but please rest assured that Sakaguchi is an English gentleman (laughs)

Maybe this blog will be deleted by the president's judgment (lol)

Excuse me from the beginning of the year,,

Masami Sakaguchi


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