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Your value in LINE communication

Always I am indebted
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
This is Haneda from THE SALON.

Haneda, who shaved for three days, pulled out a trampoline that had been sleeping at home recently.
search for trampoline exercises on youtube
I am running with all my might.
Jumping on a trampoline for 5 minutes is said to be as effective as running a kilometer.
It consumes a lot.
After 10 minutes you will be sweating profusely.
And the human act of flying is the same as jumping when happy
He also said that he would be happy.
It's full of good things (*^-^*)

This is Haneda, who enjoys jumping around every day for 15 minutes before taking a bath.

Well, recently, I had a conversation about the exchange after introducing a member and a woman.

It was a little odd.I don't think I will ever see you again. ”
When I listened to the story, it seemed that everything was a matter-of-fact reply of about one line.

out! ! !

There are a lot of women who don't understand why men go out of their way to join dating clubs.
If you just want to have sex, go to Yoshiwara's luxury soap.
What men are looking for is to invest in women after building a solid relationship.
I watch their daily exchanges and conversations.
A woman who makes me excited until the next meeting continues.
Are you going to write that sentence to someone you love too?

After all, a woman who doesn't have feelings can't do something like a good daddy, and there's no way she'll find one.
Even if you pretend to be in good shape at that time, you won't be able to connect to the next one.

If you want to be cute, you should be cute.
This is deceptively cute.

SALON female members, women who are in the top 5 always respond politely, considerately, and even convey gratitude.
It's a sentence that makes even the staff unwind.

We will publish some of them.
"Thank you for earlier, Haneda-san.
Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful man.
It's hot every day and the air pressure seems to be changing, so please take care of yourself. 〇〇”

This woman naturally has the desire to introduce more good men.
And it's a woman's stock up that she's a woman who can do it well for men.

Personality comes out in sentences.
It is important to be able to do ordinary things in an ordinary way.
And you will surely find a good person for a woman who can do that ordinary thing for granted.

I don't know how women feel when they don't send a date thank you.
If you think you're going on a date and doing it, you shouldn't go.

I said harshly, but we don't employ women.
I can't mediate after the second time and I can't follow you
I always think that it would be nice to have a wonderful relationship.

The hot days continue, but please take care of yourself (*^-^*)



Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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