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Autumn of Beauty and Toxins of the Month

Always I am indebted
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
This is Haneda from THE SALON.
(I also do trampolines)

Well, everyone, how are you doing?
From women who come to Haneda for an interview
"I read Haneda's blog~"
"I'm thinking of going bra shopping too."
Thank you for calling out to me.
It inspired me so much that I decided to write today.

Appetite Autumn...
There are so many things I want to eat!
At the Ginza office, dieting is booming, and everyone is carrying a lot of water.
It is secretly popular to swell your stomach with soda and refrain from drinking.

Have you been feeling sick and cold lately?Age?
Anyway, I went to the bedrock bath because my metabolism was slow and dull.
I've drained so much toxins that I can sweat down to my palms.
I highly recommend it.
Of course it's almost a private house with social tans.

It feels great to sweat.Then my life became stable.
I think that if your body is unhealthy, you will not be satisfied even if you have desires.
You can't eat good food when you're not feeling well
I don't feel like having sex when I'm not feeling well.

If you thought I was only talking about health, someday you will


Now let's talk about a woman who recently joined, Haneda's favorite woman.

・ Top models who are active overseas
・Miss 〇〇
・A beautiful woman who can speak 3 languages
・ A woman with a dream to become a doctor
・Voice actor
Many others.

You have been enrolled.
Please wait at Haneda for details.

Let's get rid of the toxins and enjoy a lot of delicious food (*^^*)

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit
THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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