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SALON's date time and hourly wage conversion head

Always I am indebted
This is Haneda from THE SALON.
It's suddenly getting cold, isn't it?Haneda is still staying at home in a tank
It's time to change clothes.Let's switch to summer clothes.
Lately, I've been into sewing machines.
I'm never good at it, but I sew silently.
The sense of accomplishment when you can sew without thinking about anything is the best.
Thanks to you, stiff shoulders are max lol.
What are you doing?

I'm starting to get tired of the trampoline
(Are you tired?)
Next, I'm addicted to the foot paka diet.
This is very painful, but I get a good sweat.
Please search for it on YouTube and give it a try.

Well, I hear a lot lately
There is a contact from a man after leaving the salon
"I'm glad I went out, but I have plans from XNUMX o'clock..."
Regarding the matter that I have another appointment 1.2-XNUMX hours after I go out.

We often ask you to make a promise to visit the salon from before,
If you're only going to come in for 2 hours, I'd like you to decline first.

I would like you to think a little more about the feelings and positions of men.
The date time at the salon is basically up to you, but the date time at the general dating club is 4 hours.
In fact, the Universe Club has decided to do so, and we have told them to leave at least 4 hours before going on a date.
We also inform women at SALON.

Of course, some men who are busy have tea at a coffee shop
Some people exchange contact information and say, "Let's meet again."
In this case, it is a case of dissolution in one hour.

There are also members who live in rural areas in the salon and come to look forward to coming to the salon.
Some people want to eat slowly and drink lightly at the second restaurant.
There are various date plans and there are ten colors.

I don't think SALON is suitable if you are converting date time into hourly wage.
Think about it.
Do you have an hour or two to go on a date with your boyfriend or someone you care about?

To get back to the topic, a man who is registered with a salon has an annual income of 4000 million yen or more and came to register with the salon because he wanted a nice daddy.
I think it's the entrance for women.
If you don't want to spend a date with a man after that, SALON also has the right for women to refuse.
If you both agree to go out, you should be a little more considerate of the other person's position and feelings.
I think it will lead to one of the things that you can find a good dad who is good at using time.

Please don't become an hourly wage conversion woman.

It looks like a typhoon tomorrow, but everyone, please be careful (*^-^*)


Ayano Haneda



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