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Thank you for always using our service.
My name is Shinji Hayama from THE SALON.


After working as a coordinator for the affiliated group "Universe Club" for about a year,
From this October, I was assigned to "THE SALON" by fate.


I will work hard to contribute to everyone's wonderful encounters with a new feeling.


…With that being said, let me introduce myself briefly!


Currently, I am 41 years old.Previously, I was mainly working in music.So-calledmusic idiot(laughs)

At the age of 25, he made his long-awaited major debut as a drummer in a band, but the CD did not sell as he had hoped, and the band disbanded a few years later.


After experiencing such a setback for the first time in my life, at the age of 32, I started job hunting for the first time in my life and got a job at a general company.

There were various good times and bad times, but strangelyBlessed, loved, and protected by the people around meI think so!


I love talking to peopleparties and BBQsis very badIs 💦

I don't know where to put myself in a large group, so I'm quietly eating and drinking in the corner (laughs).


Conversely,One-on-one and a small number of people demonstrate their powerTypemaybe!

Even if it's just a silly chat or old man's joke, I'm happy when the people around me burst into laughter.


"It's easy to talk to Hayama."

"Hayama is full of tsukkomi and interesting."

"With Hayama, you can get excited with silly talk."

“I can trust Hayama because I can talk to him about anything.”


Aiming to be a concierge that can quickly say such things from male and female members,Be yourselfI will be devoted to it.


Thank you for your continued support!



Shinji Hayama


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