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Conditions of a woman to be chosen

Always I am indebted.
I am Shinji Hayama from THE SALON.


It's been more than 10 days since I was officially assigned to SALON due to my transfer from the Universe Club.

I'm still inexperienced, but every day I'm grateful for the joy of being able to take on new challenges from scratch!


Currently, SALON has three staff members, but Haneda and Kawakami are both female staff.

I live like a weed while being caught and tossed by women's society as "only white", not only red (laughs).


In particular, I am close in age to the male members of SALON, so I have a lot of sympathy for the type of women I like.

todayuncle's eyesSo, I would like to tell you what I noticed in my daily matching for rare female members!


As you know, SALON is different from a normal dating club, and never shows photos of female members to male members before introduction.

in advance, maleideal female figureIt is a system in which the staff picks up women who are likely to match, and introduces them to men.


for that reason,The setting is a one-shot match for the real performance.

This is the reason why a stranger man and woman will suddenly have a free talk for 20 minutes in the noble space of the salon!


Well, what does the man see in the woman in these 20 minutes?

From a man's point of view, frankly speaking...


Well, XNUMX% of them are looks.


No, maybe 98%.No, depending on the person, XNUMX%!There are also male members like you.

Without pretense, instinctive characteristics, soManis a creature whose appearance is life!Such you.


Then, what if the first impression of a woman when you meet her when you open the door is not the look that a man likes?

As a woman, is there anything else you can redeem your points for, your smile?kindness?Or sexy?


I think all of them are important, but the number one by far isGenkiI think it 's.

Don't think, "What is that?"It's been a while since I started salon business, but I often hear the following voices from men right after setting up.


"Hmm, she doesn't look like that type of person... But she's an energetic woman, so I think I'll go out for the time being."


Of course, it may be difficult if your appearance is completely out of the strike zone, but it seems that there are many times when "Genki" is the decisive factor to go out when "something is not enough". .

However, the term “genki” here does not simply mean “talking a lot”.


Women also have their own characters.Some are active, some are laid-back.

There is no need to change them at all, the point isNo matter what kind of personality you have, do you have genki at the root of your heart?Is your heart bright, upward, and lively?


It seems that this inner radiance becomes a charm in a short 20-minute conversation, and it is clearly expressed.


Certainly, a woman who is energetic and healthy deep down has sparkling eyes and a positive aura, which makes me want to be with her.


Sometimes it's important to "play" a positive woman.Even if you make a mistake, don't let the treasured 20 minutes pass by with low tension!


In order to develop into a wonderful relationship with a gentleman, first of all, make sure to setchosen womanTo be.

I will do my best to support such an inner beauty!



Shinji Hayama


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