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Akishi feels gloomy and thoughtful woman

Always I am indebted.
This is Sana Kawakami from The SALON.

Autumn has arrived.
I can even feel the signs of winter...
Kawakami finally said goodbye to air conditioning last week.

When the temperature drops, you will miss human skin.

Kawakami, well~~~~ Emotions have dried up,
I don't even have the feeling that I want a lover, let alone a lover.
I miss human skin.
(That was also until the year before last, so it may be really withering.)

Human beings, part of instinct is programmed like that.
It's a bug that flies in dried fish.

For Hoshimoto Kawakami, autumn is nothing but the autumn of appetite,
For those who are not dried fish, it may be "autumn for men and women".

Like bright autumn leaves that shine in the air that contains loneliness
An encounter that will color the fading season
I would like to make it happen at THE SALON.

nice men and women
Thank you for visiting THE SALON.

Sana Kawakami


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