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De-Manual? SALON's existence value

thank you always.
This is Shinji Hayama from THE SALON.


Just the other day,I stopped by the local supermarket on my way home from work.It's a matter of time.


I was planning to go straight home that day, but I suddenly remembered that I had run out of laundry detergent at home.


I picked up one refill detergent pack and lined up at the register.




and the cash register clerk. A refreshing young man in his early 20s.


"He's a nice older brother."


I was in a good mood and asked for a plastic shopping bag, which I paid for, and finished the payment.


"thank you very much"


After this very normal exchange, IlightDisappointmentI was wrapped in


cash register clerk,Didn't put the item in the bagIt's....


Indeed, in the case of supermarkets, it is common to pack the products you bought yourself.


I also usually move the basket full of products to the next space and pack them myself.


However, I happened to buy only one detergent that day.


"It's only one, so it would be nice if you could put it in."


Looking at the detergent and plastic bags piled up carelessly in the basket, I felt sad and lonely.At the same time,


"Don't ask for much. The store clerk is innocent just following the manual."


I thought, and forced myself to convince myself.


But what if the store clerk put the product in a bag and handed it over with a smile?


In my mind, his image would have improved dramatically.


Without a doubt, I thought, "I want to line up at his cash register next time."


It may be a small thing, butMutual trust will deepen with just a little effortThing.


"What about me who says such a thing with such an arrogant attitude?"


Recently, I have been asking myself everyday questions.There are many opportunities to think about by replacing .


I still face myself that I can't do even the obvious things at all.


Well, that's why I can always feel the joy of growth all over my body!


I keep thinking,With one small moment-to-moment choice, people can easily impress or disappoint those around them.That's it.


It may be "manual = correctness",What is right is not necessarily linked to smooth operations.


Above all, in the service of THE SALON, which offers an invisible and unstable product called "matching between men and women","De-Manual"Is required.


Of course, I always face my work with step ahead of expectationsand sometimes in a good waytry to remove the saddleBy doing so, I would like to deepen my sense of trust with male and female members in my own way!



Shinji Hayama


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