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Affiliation and charm are a woman's weapon

Always I am indebted.
My name is THESALON Haneda.

A member called me the other day
"Haneda-san, haven't you been flying lately?"
Haneda is not flying.
It's a trampoline.
Where is that motivation that was flying so enthusiastically...
In winter it goes into full hibernation mode.
But I have to work on fun things in my days again
I feel like my life is a waste.

Kawakami is a beautiful woman, but there is no story that comes up with the word "re" in love.
According to the blog, on days off
I think it's a waste to have dried fish.
In a sense, I wonder if she's a doki girl right now (/・ω・)/

When I saw Uncle Hayama's blog the other day, I also worked for two years when I was in high school.
I remembered my part-time job.
I was notorious for being a brusque clerk who didn't even smile.
Such a cheeky clerk, the day before yesterday was a nasty guy.
I don't like unfriendly salespeople.
I don't know why I was that kind of kid.
I was thinking about that long time ago.


SALON is basically the first interview
Most of the time, I talk to women during video interviews.
When Haneda looks at women, what is the difference between hiring and not hiring?
"Whether there is amiability and amiability"
We attach great importance to this.
This is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words.
Even if it feels like a lie
I think it's a big plus even if you think you're acting highly calculated.
It is difficult to introduce blunt women to men, no matter how beautiful they are.
A sociable and charming woman is equal and a smile is also wonderful.
Also, women who have it are considered to have high expectations for growth.
I think that the probability of meeting a good man is high.
Isn't it that important?


Just by trying to live with an awareness of affection and charm
I believe that good things will come to us in our daily lives.


THESALON Haneda Ayano


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