salon diary

Small profit and big loss

Every time a member says that they have read the blog,
I feel ashamed and want to delete all the articles I wrote.

We become indebted to.
This is Kawakami from The SALON.

Will my blog survive?
stay tuned!So thank you very much.

From the members who read the blog today
Aren't you going out on your day off?It's a waste of time to go to Tokyo (laughs)
It really is!With myself who nodded
There was myself who gave up thinking that I was lazy from the beginning.
Even when traveling, you may spend more time at your accommodation.

I won't say why I don't go out because it seems like I'm going to be pulled over.
For example, even though it's a holiday, just for the SALON
All the SALON Jenne who came to make up and get dressed.
I respect you.
And thank you.

Coming will ultimately benefit you, so you will come.
You might think,
"It's become troublesome~"
"It's raining and I don't want to go out."
"I'm getting nervous"
for what reason
"""Don't go♪""
It's a world where you often end up with results.

It is safer to take immediate comfort rather than unstable profits in the future.

Every day I hope to create good relationships with people who don't do that.

I am still inexperienced, but I hope that both men and women will be satisfied.
I will do my best to develop SALON.

Female members, please give us your opinion more and more!

Sana Kawakami


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