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Would you like to start "Tokyo Mistress"?

thank you always.
This is Shinji Hayama from THE SALON.


On a personal note, I'm having a somewhat restless day as I prepare for my imminent move.


However, in the case of packing, it became unnecessaryExhilarating feeling of throwing away "important things" without hesitationI can't express it in words (laughs)!


In such a way, I moved from the apartment in Tokyo where I lived for many years to a slightly suburban apartment.I have decided to move to Yokohama.


There are many greenery and parks, and the atmosphere is like a "quiet residential area."


On top of that, the area around the station, which has everything you need and is convenient, has a lively atmosphere.


And above all, the new house is comfortable because the room area is upgraded at once (how small it used to be...)!


Now, things have changed...


Speaking of suburbsSALON is also looking for "regional members" and "overseas members".


"Eh? You can't use SALON unless you live in or near Tokyo!?"


"I've seen SALON on the homepage, but I thought it had nothing to do with me overseas."


That's what I was thinking, that gentleman!don't give up,is.


Certainly, THE SALONLuxury dating club with a store in Ginza, TokyoHowever, men"Long time no see in Tokyo"It is also a place to enjoy a date with a beautiful woman.


Even now, we have members who live abroad, as well as regional members who often travel to Tokyo.


Not only for business trips, but also for private excursions and temporary return homes,exciting colorHow about adding



Shinji Hayama


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