salon diary

What about shaved women?

Always I am indebted.
My name is Ayano Haneda from THESALON.
It's winter when you think it's nice to have a lot of autumn weather.
Every day I take out the kotatsu and get warm.


Two months this year...
I wondered if I had any memories.
This year, "I'm going to do art makeup for my eyebrows!!"
I made a reservation because I was enthusiastic and it was already summer.
Haneda next week may be seaweed eyebrows,
Please don't worry about
(I hope it doesn't hurt!)

Dear Mrs. Davis
"A woman's impression is determined by her eyebrows."
Eyebrows and hair if you want to be confident in your appearance
It seems to be a point loved by men.
(I see~)

Haneda is vulnerable to pain, but I remembered what hurt me in my life.
Birth was immediate from the delivery bed
It was an easy delivery that made me think, "I can't give birth to any number of babies."
So I don't remember the pain of giving birth.

Imposing XNUMXst place is the treatment of the lower hair done by medical hair removal.
Like fire coming out of there
Looking back, that was the most painful
It leads to the subject of today's blog.

The introduction was too long, but now hair removal is like etiquette
Is it an era of grooming?
I became a shaved pussy when I was a teenager.
Without hesitation, I removed all hair.
There are no overseas people, and I can't forgive that they are falling in the house.
I'm glad I did.
But when I talk to men about it, most of them
"It's better to have a little. Shaved bread is a little ..."
XNUMX% of men say yes.

But that hair will never grow back again.

Salon men are mostly in their 40.50s and 9s, but do you agree with XNUMX% of men?

I talked about the below today, but Haneda will always answer
If you have time, please let us know about such


THESALON Haneda Ayano


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