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Introduction of a certain shop and I am someone.

I majored in French for 4 years at university, but I didn't become able to speak it, and I finished it without going to France.

But I still can't forget the first words of the professor in charge of the seminar.
"You may have come to learn French, but that is of no use. You are failures who have come to learn things that you will not need in the future."
The teacher always wears black clothes on his head like Beethoven, but has a slightly different design, but he drives a bright red Porsche.He was, so to speak, a cool French uncle.

just useless

For the time being, my parents are teachers, so I went to a school that wasn't my alma mater to practice teaching, and I have a teacher's license, but I'm not very good at teaching.


But Jobs' words (You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.Just connect the dots looking back.So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect someday.) is borrowed

I feel like the dots are now connected by a line.


There are many places to meet people, but did you really meet a “good person”?


Joint party

Dating site

Dating club

Marriage party

Matching app

Meeting at a bar or bar

Luxury lounge


I want to dedicate this to the adults who live in solitude and experience the feeling of emptiness over and over again.


~Secret social gathering place~
Le lieu de rencontre secret

Concept in 19th century France
We are directing a meeting place with the image of a patron who supported artists.
It is a modern version of a social gathering place for ladies and gentlemen suitable for social circles.


What is a Patron (French Patron)?

1 master.executive.employer.
2 A person who financially supports and backs up artists, entertainers, groups, etc.
3 A person who provides financial assistance to the opposite sex and takes care of their lives.

Excerpt from the above meaning Where is the meeting place for men and women who learn from 2 and lead to 3?

Our shop was launched as a secret meeting place for adults who enjoy free thought and passionate love that are not bound by preconceived notions of France.


Although it is a social gathering place, it is a completely private room reservation system unlike a place where various people mix.
I would be happy if the encounter like a custom-made suit that suits each person becomes a unique style.
I would be happy if you could find an encounter that will become the lover of your life without being afraid of troublesome love and encounters that seem to be useless at first glance.


Thank you very much.

Au revoir!


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