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Paradox of "luxury dating club" seen in SALON

thank you always.
This is Shinji Hayama from THE SALON.


As I interview women at SALON every day, there is something that comes to my mind.


of SALON male membersEligibilityI carefully explain to women,that moment!


everyone,eye shine(laughs)
for a moment,I can feel the air changing! !(Not all women do)


Age: Over 40
Annual income: 4000 million yen or more
Upper limit: Up to 30 people
*Gentlemanly.There is an examination including appearance and body type.


Well, from a woman's point of view, if I hear such a dreamlike condition,You won't want to go to other dating clubsright….


"Mature, smart, rich, and maybe even handsome! THE SALON is full of carefully selected men from all over the world!!"


At the same time as a glimpse of such a rosy expectation,The hurdle of "brand feeling" is naturally risingCertainly.


Of course, THE SALON is also a dating club,"Discreet Dating"is the premise.


However, even though "head" knows it, if possible, without the cool feeling of profit and loss, "make it hotter"Pseudo romancewant to enjoy! ” is the real intention of a man.


It's not the reason I never want to put it out.I don't mind financial support, but I'd like to focus more on the "heart" part of men and women.thrillingLove gamesI want to taste


A quiet rivalry between a woman who is dazzled only by men's specs and a man who wants to dye her body and mind.


Behind many mismatches,Values ​​of invisible parallel linesI feel that is mixed up.


in datingeternal themeIt may be, but in order to pass through such a fine net, we, the concierge, will continue to do our best today for the best matching!



Shinji Hayama


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