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thank you always. My name is THESALON Haneda.
December has arrived.
I ate something delicious! !
Crabs, eels, and sushi

From last week's blog to members
"I read your blog.
Mr. Haneda is interesting.

"I'm also a shaved fan."
"Full body hair removal, I do it myself."
"I can imagine Haneda-san~"

I enjoyed talking with you.
Thank you very much. m(__)m

Do you have any leftovers from this year?
I went to permanent makeup, which I wrote about in my blog last week.

Mr"Do you have an image? How do you want to be seen? Cute type, beautiful type, etc..."
Haneda"Not at all. Please make it look good."
Mr"The image is very important because it is a lifetime thing."

Is it a figure of eight, is it like a single line, or is it a sharp mountain brow?

(I have no idea!!!)

Haneda doesn't understand himself at all, even if he thinks about other people seriously.
You may not be interested in yourself.
(Haneda is actually in the category of dried fish, too.)

While doing so, the teacher followed the shape of my eyebrows.
He drew it for me.

Jijijijiji...I'm going to put a moat in my eyebrows
These days I think I can go on a hot spring trip anytime without any pain.
Ladies, right after art makeup, it won't even be seaweed eyebrows.
It was so natural that I could date from the day.
Highly recommended (^_-)

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Ayano Haneda


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