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Don't be afraid to interview.

Biden is certain to be elected.
Ladies and gentlemen, how do you feel about stocks?

We become indebted to.
This is Sana Kawakami from The SALON.

On Twitter, the state of the city full of joyful voices flowed,
It looks like a festival.

I remembered on Twitter,
I've been neglecting SALON's Twitter for over a month...

I set up a question box triumphantly, but I haven't touched it!
How many questions are left unattended...
I'm excited, and I'm going to reopen from Monday.

To all those who have kept us waiting,
Please take a look if you like.

Looking back at the questions I received in the question box,
"How to pass the interview"
“Is it possible to pass with these specs?”
I feel like I had a lot of questions like this.

You read the SALON staff blog,
There are deep questions that I think, and by thinking about the answers,
There are parts where I have been given the opportunity to verbalize things that were unclear to me.
Are there any contradictions between the past answers and this answer?
I often feel uneasy, but...

"Can you pass with these specs?"
I can say the same thing about the question.

that is

"Well, let's take an interview first."


Seeing is it a little different?
Anyway, rather than saying literally
It is best to talk once in order to make a judgment based on the overall score.
Although the result of passing or failing will come out,
There are no scary staff, so there is no need to hesitate (*^^*)

However, it is true that there are mental hurdles to getting an interview.
Everyone who overcame such a hurdle and received an interview,
Thank you~~~~~~! ! ! ! ! !

Sana Kawakami


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