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SALON is also full support!Worrying CA Papa Activities

thank you always.
This is Shinji Hayama from THE SALON.


The other day, suddenlyI saw an article with this headline on the internet news.


With huge deficit of "ANA", CA enters "papa active market"!? 


According to the article, this term, about5000 billion yen deficitThe expected "ANA Holdings" by 20223500 peopleSignificantStaff reductionIt is said that he plans to aim for

Among the young CAs,I quickly gave up on the company I had longed to join,It seems that there are many people who are looking for a job.

Therefore, the topic of particular interest wasI'm curious about the girls who are suffering from the corona recession"Daddy life circumstancesThat's what it was.


In an article, one customs writer said:


Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, ANA has changed CA about 4 from April0 furloughs have started.

● ANA has a policy to allow the expansion of the scope of side jobs, andThere are quite a few CAs who are considering working as a dad.

●For men, this is the best chance to meet a “Takamine no Hana”.Pay the reduced amount of salary as "allowance",A dad who has an exclusive contract has also appeared.


Well, I can't deny the feeling that the expression is a little extreme,Regarding V and so on,I'm not sure how reliable the information is...


just mySkin sensationFromNot a littleDue to the influence of Corona, I became interested in "papa activities",The number of CAs who come for interviews is gradually increasingNoIt's an undeniable fact.

Free timeNo face is OK!The SALON ofIn the future, An environment that is very easy to work for CAs who are inexperienced as dadsand continue to bethink.


Financially, of courseBy interacting with carefully selected gentlemanly male members,Being able to get a spiritually fulfilling encounter is alsoThe charm of a high-class dating club.


Of course you are a CA, but also you who are struggling every day at other jobs...!


Why don't you take the first step to an exciting daily life at THE SALON?



Shinji Hayama


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