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  • Papa-katsu recap ~ 99% of papa-katsu don't live well.

Papa-katsu recap ~ 99% of papa-katsu don't live well.

Papa-katsu recap ~ 99% of papa-katsu don't live well.


I just wanted to use it as a catchphrase, but I can definitely say
Because you need super communication skills! !

You will definitely cause an accident in your own way! !
That's why I've felt a strong sense of responsibility that we are necessary (finally)
It's still Mamiya in the New Year's day.

It's not like you can meet a good dad just because you've had a lot of dates.
Some people often say that the batting average is 3%, but don't you think it's ridiculous to meet XNUMX people and go out with XNUMX? ?

However, even if we introduce a very nice person, what I think is good and what we actually feel about each other will be completely different.

Is it really a mismatch?
There may be a lack of strength here, but sometimes miracle chemical reactions occur.
Isn't that interesting!

If you can understand this feeling, I think this kind of encounter is right for you.
This year, it's not just a dating club, it's not a shared room, it's a salon!What you and your daughter need! !

How do you think?I suddenly thought while looking up at the sky of my parent s ' house that dad life is deep.

There is always a necessary encounter for that person!
I'm going to focus on just that!

I'm going to stop answering when I'm starting to feel like Ryo Ishikawa's speed learning commercial.

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