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Long live the LINE block, no-cancellation is your thing

Always I am indebted.
My name is Haneda from THESALON.
It's cold every day in Haneda, so I probably sleep five degrees.
Snooze will ring XNUMX times from the XNUMX o'clock alarm.
Do you understand this feeling (>_<)? ?
I want to eat delicious eel, so I'm planning a small trip this weekend.
Continuing from last week, my head is full of
Food brings happiness.

well today"No Cancel""LINE block"I thought about

Have you ever canceled an appointment with a man at the last minute?

Haneda: I was thinking of writing "no!"
It happened once in my memory. ('D')
I had promised to go to lunch, but I drank too much the day before and had to cancel at the last minute about XNUMX hours before...
At the time, I didn't think anything of it, but the other party was looking forward to it.
I remember being very disappointed.
Being selfish, I thought to myself, "I'm not feeling well, either."
And there is no reason to blame myself for not being able to self-manage,
Well, I thought it can't be helped
I no longer meet him on that occasion.
Cancellations at the last minute greatly affect self-management skills and the impression you make of others.

Salon also has last minute cancellation just before setting as usual.
(Honestly, it's annoying)
women, basically"Forced withdrawal".
That is the strictest.

Also, on a second date for men
"It was canceled at the last minute."
"I flew away."
and feedback.

I will not be involved after the second time.
I'm on the danger list. (Unless it's very serious, you won't hear from me anymore)
(This is also a big annoying time thief)

Those who keep their promises, those who don't,

It's too good to be the same woman.I just think.
People who can't keep their promises will never be good dads
I don't think I will find a good match.
If you can't follow the minimum manners, I think you'll be the one who suffers later.

Have you ever blocked LINE?

Haneda: Yes!When a man you don't like is too persistent
There is only this one time.
I don't like persistent people. (Such Haneda is persistent though lol. THE world of contradictions)
I also ask female members about their “bad type”
・ People who do not feel clean
・domineering person
・Persistent person
Enter the ranking.

I have received a report from a man saying "LINE has been blocked".
Salon has also been blocked by women many times.
There is only one answer.
"For the time being, block because it's troublesome"
It's much better if you say something even just a word.

It's easy to run away, it's easy not to apologize,
But I feel like it always comes back to me in some form.

I think there will always be women who can't cancel or block women.
Women who are not, read this sentence and say, "I will never do it. It doesn't apply."
Ladies, I would like you to cherish that feeling all the time.
It doesn't seem like there are many people who can protect the obvious
You will definitely find someone nice.

Dear SALON members, the episodes you didn't say you couldn't tell the SALON
Please let us know if you have the opportunity.

and this time
The article written by Haneda in the search for "papa katsu market" is the second hit on Google.
please use this form.
I am happy that so many people read it.
Thank you very much.

The cold days continue, but please take care of your body.
Next time I would like to write a happy article (^_-)

THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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