salon diary

I went to hatsumode.

I went to hatsumode.

I am Mamiya, who is somehow a tariki Honganji.We become indebted to.

Current status
18 inquiry emails
11 interview appointments (2 completed)
We are grateful for 8 inquiries only!

It's almost up to Sakaguchi.

Create a website, advertise, exchange inquiries, interview, and register for a salon.
It's really interesting because we basically handle everything from 10 to XNUMX by ourselves.

I can't help but look forward to the day when I can register for SALON soon and be able to match in my head ♪
I would like to still prepare for the opening after March! !

First of all, rely on God! ! !
No, do what you have to do and rely on God in the end.

I went to the local historic New Year's visit during my homecoming at the beginning of the year!
Usa Shrineで す
This is the shrine of Hachiman, which has more than XNUMX shrines.Sohongu.
It was a familiar shrine since I was a child, but when I became an adult, I learned that it was actually an amazing place!

And yesterday, I went to a nearby shrine where the store was built with Sakaguchi, who is in charge of the salon.
Karasumori Shrine.
I found a small but neat shrine in Kyuukagai in front of Shimbashi Station!
I bought a good amulet and made a long request without worrying about the people behind me.
SALON Seiko, SALON success! , SALON Seiko. . .I have chanted many times.

The endEbisu Shrine.
I often go here, but I always pray for someone.
I feel a power spot.
I also forcibly took Maezawa from the same salon team.

I don't know much about manners or religion.
I think I don't have to understand.
The purpose is to tell yourself that you are grateful and declared rather than a request.
God gives us only trials, unexpectedly severely.

But I believe that the fate of encounters has a very mysterious power that God carries.
I will write it down so that I will not forget my original intention this new year so that the salon will also be a power spot for encounters.

Well, I have an interview now, so (Sakaguchi) I'm praying♪


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