salon diary

Please tickle my heart more.

thank you always.
This is hayama from the salon.


It's been half a month since we moved to our new house.

Finally at homeInternet environment is ready(No, it was long)!

Until the contractor came to the construction, it happened that there were days left,I was forced to live a really inconvenient life.

Nowadays, smartphones can be connected quickly with Wi-Fi, and above all,Now that it is possible to work from home again,Every day is like savoring a little bit of happiness (laughs).


I am such a simple thinker, but recently,Male member after unsuccessful settingfrom, in quick succession,I received the following opinion.


“Perhaps I will be the one who refuses?”I want to meet a beautiful woman who thinks so.


"What are you going to do without choosing me?"You don't want to go out unless you're a confident woman.


As expected of a male member of THE SALON.Your eyes are high!

A modest beauty is not enough.I can't be satisfied with ordinary encountersHm.


"If you do something wrong, there is a non-zero chance that you will be dumped flashy."An exquisite sense of instability!


Straight up, this is itThe real thrill of dating clubsI think it is.


No matter how outstanding the beauty is, when financial support is in front of you, if you are just obedient and understanding,no longerIt is no different from prostitutes.

Of course, there are ways to enjoy customs, soNeither is good or bad, but...


At least in dating clubs, men are more likely to be in relationships with women.Game qualitySeeking.


If you are a pretty, polite, and charming woman,There are many in the world. Among salons,A mere "nice child" will be buried.


A somewhat unpredictable, shrewy beauty.

A beautiful woman who knows her worth and doesn't flatter.

Even if she is unfriendly to the staff, she is a beautiful woman who can play a nice woman in front of a man (smile).


With just 20 minutes of free talk,What grabs the hearts of male members isIt may be the type of woman who has such a spice.



Shinji Hayama


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