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Women at THESALON are good women! !

Always I am indebted.
My name is THESALON Haneda.
I went! ! ! !Eating eel...
Haneda recommended shops, I would like to put a link here, but I will refrain.
I am filled with happiness and I am working hard this week.

We have the opportunity to have individual staff meetings this week.
"Is there something serious?"

Hayama, Kawakami: "Is this a weekly blog update?"

Haneda (I know~ I don't know what to write if I don't have any material, once a week will come soon)
"Please do your best. Continuity is power. Flowers will definitely bloom in a year."

I don't think there are many places where the staff update the blog so much at the dating club.
I don't think I will lose to other clubs.
I think that's all the staff are facing their work hard.

It's easy to stop doing it, but it's even harder to keep doing it.
Since there are many members who are looking forward to this blog,
I will do my best to update.

Well, today I decided to write a happy article.
from men
"Salon women will last for a long time."
"The women introduced at the salon are the best."

These words are not the words of one member.
Mr. Haneda was in charge of male members, Mr. F, Mr. T, Mr. Y, Mr. N, Mr. O...
If you give it, there is no limit, but there are so many words.

I think that there are many male and female members who are looking for a heart different from other dating clubs and apps.
I want to build a good relationship with one person rather than wanting to get along with each other.
I feel that there are many people like that.
So there are many successful graduations.
I want women to support each other.
I think there are many people like that.

From the management point of view of SALON, I would like both men and women to visit us over and over again.

However, when I think from the standpoint of one person, Haneda,
I found out about the place called SALON in this world and joined, and the two people who were chosen were set up.
Going out and building a relationship from there, this step of continuing a good relationship was born out of many choices.
Isn't it a miraculous encounter?

I think it's amazing.
It's really fun to be able to connect such encounters and help in some way.

Autumn clear weather continues in November, and my heart is warm.
I would like to do what I can so that I can have a wonderful relationship again.
Corona has increased again, but SALON will focus on infection prevention measures.
We will keep it clean, so please continue to support us.

THESALON Haneda Ayano



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