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Conflict at SALON.And move forward!

thank you always.
This is hayama from the salon.


November will be over soon.It's getting cold.

It feels like the world is finally entering midwinter mode.


Originally, I love walking, so I oftenwalkgoing out to

Especially, walking in the city on a winter night when the wind is cool and comfortable,Your body and mind will be reset, and you will feel refreshed!

Within 30 minutes walking distance from homeNissan StadiumThere is, but the walking course to there is comfortable and is my recent favorite.



Just a few days ago, I was taking a walk as usual.suddenlyI've been thinking.


It's been two months since I transferred from Universe Club and started working for THE SALON.

Will IAre you able to do work that satisfies male and female members?? (←Unusually serious)


As you know, at SALON,of female membersNo photo publication.

Naturally, until the free talk begins,Men don't know what women look like.


I just heard from men"Ideal Female Figure"Based on the,Our concierge will pick up and introduce women.


In other words...


Compared to other dating clubs such as Universe Club,In the setting of one time,The degree of responsibility of the staff is different!

To put it bluntly, every time, it'spressure(laughs)).


After all,The leading role of SALON is men!As a man like myself, I would like to requestI want it to be as close as possible.

Therefore, when setting


"If you think it doesn't fit even a little bit,You don't have to force yourself to go out.Please feel free to decline."


I'm telling you.actually,I try to ask men about their straight feelings.

Above all, I don't want you to compromise on meeting at SALON.Because I feel that I can make use of it for the next matching.


… or while saying something grandiose…

Sometimes, after a free talk, when I see a man a little troubled,


"Looks may not strike,The inside is perfect! ”

"The reason why the conversation didn't flow wasI think it's probably because women were nervous too! ”

"If you are lost,Could you please go out and try something? ”


So, this time completelywoman's friendI've become...


This is no good (laughs)💦


もっと“We should be cool and dry, and devote ourselves to the best matching.”I think so, but there is myself who can't be.


Even womenYou may not necessarily want an unreasonable establishment.

However, since you came all the way,somethingI want you to bring back the shapeFrom the thought, is it a busybody that you don't need?is showing his face.


Hayama is full of contradictions, but through trial and error,It is an undeniable fact that I enjoy working at this salon.

I don't know what the correct form of matching is.However,"For salons,Both male and female members are equally important” is the only thing I keep in mind.


conclusion of thought.


In the future, I will continue to move forward in my own way, albeit clumsily (opinions and guidance are also welcome)!

We will continue to aim for a more satisfying salon, so please continue to support us in the future!



Shinji Hayama


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