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Do you have human power to give?

Always I am indebted.
My name is THESALON Haneda.

The weather was very nice and warm during the three consecutive holidays, but it suddenly became cold.
It's Christmas in a month (*^_^*)
Shockingly early in the year! ! ! ! !
If you feel that a year is too long, it is proof that you are young.
The sense of Haneda is the speed of a year from a limited express train to a Shinkansen class now.

I went to the post office today, and next year is the year of the ox~
I was surprised.
Have you been spending half of your life in Tokyo since moving to Tokyo?
Preparing for the 40's.

Today, I would like to talk about a woman who captured Haneda's heart.

I did the interview. Mr. K
Even during the interview, he looked me in the eye and talked to me politely,
She is a beautiful woman with a floral skirt and a clean atmosphere.

The number of visits to the salon is not zero.
Before coming to the store, say, "Thank you for your time today."
After finishing the setting
Thank you for contacting us.

This is the letter I received a while ago.



Three pieces of paper were spelled out with polite handwriting and heartfelt words.
Dating a man I met at the salon helped me grow and added color to my daily life.
Mr. K wants to make the man's birthday a memorable time planned by Mr. K
I am grateful to SALON. .

If I were a man, I would want a girlfriend like this!
This letter made me think of many things.
Not only caring, thoughtfulness, and being given, but also the human power that is given,
It's natural to have them do it
it's natural to have
"Because I'm cute!"
"I'm dating, so it's natural. That's right."
If you're confident that you're falling in love, that might be fine.
But those kids get bored.
If a child like Mr. K appears, there is no chance of winning.

But I don't think so.
No one will be able to do it just because they read this blog.

I wondered if I had the human power to be given, and I wanted to be.

This time, I gave Mr. K
There are many other people who have sent letters and contacted us to thank us.
I am happy to see many gorgeous women in the salon in the truest sense.

Thank you in the future.


Ayano Haneda


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