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Unreliable!? Membership history of SALON women

thank you always.
This is hayama from the salon.


It's finally getting really cold.

I also made a down jacket appear in private.

It is a place where you want to keep warm and take care of your physical condition.


By the way, in the salon,I love traveling!There is a female staff named Kawakami.

Recently, I can't go abroad as I want due to Corona,It seems that he is itching.


Speaking of my recent boom,Listening to stories from Kawakami about the countries he has visited in the past,Immerse yourself in the feeling of traveling ahead of timeIt is a matter.


By the way, I'm the complete opposite of her.When it comes to travel, I'm the type who's completely naive (I'm thinking of going, let's gobut).

Especially overseas, I barely went once on a school trip in high school,Only in Australia (because I love my hometown...).


Kawakami, who is usually cool, once talks about traveling,He talks passionately with his eyes shining brightly (I guess he really likesna~),

When I listen to the story, I am also happy,I feel like I've traveled all over the world (smug face).

If you close your eyes, even the sights and smells of a foreign country,It just pops into my head (I'm a really happy guy)!


Male and female members who like to travel,Why don't you get excited with Kawakami and travel talk?Advertisement)?


By the way, I remembered about the boom, but in the salon businessThe personal boom of"Digging up old female members".


No, when I say "old" or "dig up",It's a little hard to hear...

If you think about it carefully, the history of the salon itself is short,It's only been a year and a half since we openedWhat is it?


Actually,Not a single old memberHm.It's an illusion that it's old, an illusion (laughs)!

In other words, while talking to the setting for the first time in a while,"SMeeting with legendary beauties in the early days of ALON"We are doing


When I let myself down,I tend to look only at women who are new members.that's why,I'm trying to call you half "consciously".


However, when I actually met some pioneer women,This is alsoA very attractive set of beautiful womenI am amazed at

I am also a human being inside, but I said, "As expected of a salon!"It's a line-up that will make you groan unintentionally.


Among them, unfortunately,Once registered,Never set by chanceThere was also a woman who saidHowever, the treatment of an old woman...)


Well, there is also the timing and environment at that time,I can't say it unconditionally, but including such a total filling,Considering win-win matching for men and womenIt's a lot of fun.


At the request of the staff,"A woman who joined within the last ○ months"There are quite a few men who are narrowed down toIsn't it a waste?and,I'm secretly starting to feel

Because there are women who have been there for quite some time,Desperately, "Enrollment time"If you remove from the conditions, the range of encounters will widen.


From now on, Hayama, who doesn't know SALON yet "in a good way"Exciting matching that can only be done byI would like to think with you all!



Shinji Hayama


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