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  • We are looking for the best male and female members in Japan.

We are looking for the best male and female members in Japan.

We are looking for the best male and female members in Japan.

before that···! !

At the beginning of the year, I went back to my hometown in the countryside, but I feel that the flow of time is completely different from Tokyo.

even in Tokyo
Shibuya, a city that will never be completed
Shinjuku, a city where the world's best people mix

I think Ginza is the more mature and stylish area in Tokyo.
The stage of SALON is Ginza, I think this is the best city in Japan.

The other dayDaddyI had a meeting with an experienced man.
We received valuable opinions from those who actually use the direction of the salon that we think about at the moment.thank you.

Adult men and women tired of the world of greed, blending into the glittering world

I feel like I've seen a lot of Sagechin-sama who can't please women.
Because a man who can win a beautiful woman's heart only with money is too empty.

Women don't have to work hard anymore
I'm tired of men
I don't think I want to have sex even if I have all the money
If my heart doesn't get wet, I'd close my eyes and have sex and get paid
Everyone crumbles.

By forcibly setting the staff knowing that they will fail
What is the true Win-Win?
Questions remained.
Are we proud of what we do?

That's why I want to say YES to a world where it's easy to say NO.
It doesn't obscure what you can and can't do to become a real club that wants to be honest with you who are looking for a real encounter.

We do not charge a setting fee until we confirm the feeling after meeting.
First of all, please tell us about yourself by becoming one with the staff on the way to there.

So that the best male and female members in Japan can register with confidence
First of all, we would like to prepare for the top notch from our posture.

The SALON Enma Mamiya


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