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"The best compliment" that men are pleased with

thank you always.
This is hayama from the salon.


For the first time in my life the other dayBeauty clinicI went to.

At the recommendation of my wife, who has been going for hair removal before, I finallyDecided to shave off the beardIt was.


Wife: "Well, you can get points if you introduce it♪"



I see, that's what it is (^^;)


Originally, I have a thick beard.Even if you shave your beard in the morning and go out, it will grow properly in the eveningjorijori.

Although I have always wanted to get rid of my hair someday,I was kind of falling behind.


“It’s a good opportunity, so maybe I should go.”


If you ask me, it seems that I also have points, pain,It's not a big deal, just like being snapped off with a rubber band.

Immediately, with a beard and a set, just a little bit of color, "back of the hand and fingers"I also applied for a hair removal course (laughs).


And on the day, the impression that I actually received the treatment.


It was really painful (>_<)

Liar~ (crying)! ! !


Certainly, the hair loss on the hands was not a big deal,mustache is hellIt wasespecially,under the noseIf you say pain, it's already!


"Snap with a rubber band♪" isn't that cute.

If you compare it with rubber, that "Kishimen"LikeBundle several thick rubber bands and bang them vigorously!the feeling of being shotIs not it.


According to the female doctor in charge,

"Mr. Hayama is rather (very) dark, soI think it hurts more than other people.If it's tough, should I anesthetize you now? ”

That thing.

(I see. People like me who have thick, thick beards and are strong,The hair roots must be strong, so I'm sure they'll be anesthetized~)


However, contrary to such a heart,I don't want to complain to the female doctor anymore, which is themed around excessive masculinityFrom


"No, anesthesia is fine. Please continue."


I smiled coolly and endured the rest of the time without crying).

Oh.Whether or not to use anesthesia to pull out hair at most,What a cheap and shallow masculinity.


But when it's done, it gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Well,A man is such a thing!


Speaking of hair removal, staff Haneda's blog the other day said, "Suddenshaved declarationThere was ", but hair removal of Ji ○ hair,I can't handle such intense pain.

Continuing, the dick is also manly!naturalboboI would like to keep it as it is.


Well, lately, I've been thinking about it from time to time,at the salon"Masculinity" required in the scene of meetingWell,What is it?


First of all, assuming that I am in the position of a male member,From a woman after setting"Handsome" "Fashionable" "Gentle" "easy to talk toI would be happy if you could say something like that.


But I never feel badPraiseas,Is it a bit weak and ordinary ~?I feel it too.

Above all, it is men who pay for salons,I can't deny the social commentary element to it.


More than that, just one word,"He's a manly man."What if you said


By far, I'm very happy!in my heart,It may be a level that makes you happy with a guts pose.

That's right.A man isA creature that always wants to be recognized for its masculinityWhat is it?especially,From a woman who is the exact opposite!


This time, the story of the first half of the hair has become long, so next time,During free time in the setting,"Manly" from womenCharacteristics of men who are considered to beI would like to write about.




Shinji Hayama


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