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XNUMX were rejected

XNUMX were rejected

Mamiya has an ugly personality.

The number of interviews is gradually increasing, and thankfully about 30 people have contacted us.
As long as I'm happy that about half of them are connected to interviews and reservations are going well.

God is God for knowing about Salon in the first place, God is God for being interested and making inquiries, God is God for thinking that it is okay to go to the interview, and it is troublesome and I want to quit. It's God that you came, and it's all too God that you have the courage to register! ! !

I will do my best to help you every day without forgetting the sensitivity of gratitude so that this kind of flow does not become commonplace! !

I'm sorry that I'm not a good enough person to judge people, but most of them have been rejected!
1 out of 100 people, 1 out of XNUMX people.
If you are just beautiful, you will not be admitted.

There are a lot of beautiful ugly personalities, right?i am one of them
That's why I want to peel off the disguise because I can see through the wicked one right away.I think it's an important task.

Unfortunately, there are still zero male members.

However, there are still few, but men are also inquiring!
I was wondering if there are people with an annual income of 4000 million yen or more in this world. . (I want to get married normally!!)

But I want any man to look up to me.
Money is everything for a man!and.I want you to brag in front of us, not in front of women.
It would be amazing if I could prepare a world that only a limited number of men can enjoy ~♪ Only delusion is second to none! !

InstagramBut please check the latest joining women ♪

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