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full of schedule

full of schedule

Good morning.
I picked up about 50 people from yesterday and desperately took appointments for female interviews.
I'm slowly getting the hang of it.
Sorry for the first 30 people.My invitation was bad.

I feel sick when I sit at my desk without any plans.
No one talks to me even though I'm not amiable. .
I'm not talking to anyone today. . 💔

So now I'm desperately making plans!
That's why the schedule is full from the afternoon today ♪ I'm happy!

14:XNUMX Interview at the Ritz-Carlton
15:XNUMX Meeting at Shimbashi
16:XNUMX Interview with active CA
17:XNUMX Tall model interview
19:XNUMX Interview for idols

I'm happy ♡ I want to meet and talk to everyone soon.
However, we will not be able to make it in time for transportation, so we will proceed smoothly while cooperating with Sakaguchi.

Let's fill your schedule in 2019 with SALON schedule instead of dad activities! !

My goal is to meet too many people and I'm not good at coffee every day, but Kudas days are ideal.

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