salon diary

Conversation but no argument.

thank you always.
This is hayama from the salon.


Just the other day.From a male member, after going out after setting up,like thisWe have received your feedback.


"When I went out to eat, the woman only talked about her acquaintances boasting about me."

"There was no question for me (the man), he just talked about himself (the woman).'


This is actually the man.

Even though he wasn't my type,After worrying about this day,The endI decided to go out in a way that would make a woman stand upIt was 💦


"He was a good boy,I could tell that she was doing her best to talk to me.”When.


I knew how that happened.

For that reason, I feel really sorry and bitter.


probably sheIn the 20 minute free talk,must have been pretty desperateI think.To be liked by men, match them together.

Then, when it was established and went out,as if you turned your handegoism(bitter smile)

As expected, even Hayama, who is usually close to female members (?),These types of women don't feel like following at all.


The kindness and kindness of a man that is invisible and dares not to be shown,What the hell are you thinking!


As a “man representative”, from a “man’s perspective”,I feel like I want to give it a bang.

Behind the establishment of one matching,men'sSensitive concerns and conflictsthat there isI want women to know a little more.


Of course, there are also SALON women who fully understand such a man's heart.welcome.

Such an "inner beauty" has a certain dignity,We staff will want to support you unintentionally,It carries a positive aura.


It may sound like a cliche, but in any case,Don't forget to be gratefulI think it 's.

no way"It's natural to be chosen" "It's natural to receive"Are you puffed up?That is.


That arrogance sooner or laterYou will definitely be exposed in front of the earliestOn a meal date right after going out...

in a senseA woman's intelligence and characterIn the words and deeds immediately after the feeling time,come trueIt may not be an exaggeration to say that.


Well, everyone thinks they're cute, and the world revolves around them without being beautiful.

I want everyone to know my charm,I want to show off my greatnessthing.But on dates between men and women,Hold on tight.


"Conversation but no assertion"



Never intrusive, conversation and atmosphere itself,It would be nice if the two of us had time to relax and enjoy ourselves.

A meal date after the man has decided to go out.Next time,Please let men have a lot of fun!


It's easy to just assert your principles, but more and more,I want you to be interested in men's personalities.


After all, what if a woman didn't ask you any questions on a date?

If it was me, my body and mind would wither, and I would lose my fighting spirit all at once.surely"There will be no next time."


This time, derailing from the previous flow,"Femininity"I said great.

See you next time! "masculinity"I would like to write what I think about.No, I might change my mind and not write again (laughs).


It's a whim, but I'll loosely tell you what I felt at that time about the salon!



Shinji Hayama


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