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Rule of secluded hot spring

Rule of secluded hot spring

After a full schedule festival, we were baptized by a canceled festival. .
Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the flu is trending, so please take care of yourself.

I went to a local hot spring at the beginning of the year.
Doro Onsen is called a hidden hot spring.

Even though it is called a mud hot spring, it is not muddy, it is a smooth mud hot spring.
There is no website, and it is only open until the morning due to cleaning in the afternoon, and it is a wonderful hot spring where the lady is alone.

I went there for the first time in a long time, but even though it is a secret hot spring, word of mouth attracts word of mouth, new customers + regular customers, and occasional customers like me are the fewest.
It's a wonderful FUROBA that makes you think that people who don't fit don't fit, and people who fit will continue to go there for the rest of their lives.

I was warned by a regular customer's aunt before.
No more mercy.First of all, he casually talked to me, and I thought he was a boy.
They told me to come over here because it's dangerous there, and they told me to soak up to my shoulders and stay still.
If you try to throw mud on your shoulders with your hand, and the person next to you gets mud in their eyes, you will have to go to the hospital, so don't put it on!exclaimed her.
Don't drop the mud on the walls!I was warned again that my auntie was working hard to make it. .

The entire FURO seems to be managed according to the instructions of the regular aunty,
Did this come naturally?

Therefore, there is always a reason for long-established stores and products that have been loved for many years.
I suddenly felt that it would be great if I could create a place that is loved by the people and regions that protect FURO.

My heart is surprisingly muddy, isn't it? ! w
I would like to thoroughly wash away and learn the spirit of hospitality with a pure heart.

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