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Casualness is important for "mood power"

thank you always.
This is hayama from the salon.


The other day, at SALON, setting up two groups of members in charge,We met at the same time.

Depending on the schedule, we may start at the same time.If one person were to proceed with two sets at the same time, it would be quite hectic (laughs)..

Even so, in order to make the setting proceed as smoothly as possible,Start preparing early,


"Now, all that's left is to wait for the members to come to the store!"


I wanted to do it, but only on such a day, I went to the SALON PC room OfI can't connect to the internet...


Well, sometimes it happens, I usually restart the PC,It can be easily fixed by turning the router on and off, but on that day the cause was unknown,There is no sign of recovery at all.


When settingAs for what would be a problem if the net was disconnected, BGM (Jazz and classical) can not be played.

For the time being, Hayama was also originally a musician,The effect of BGM in creating a mood,I can feel it.

After all, to the male and female members who meet each other for the first time,Talking in silence,I'm somehow distractedIt's a thing...


"The setting will begin~"

"Please! Connect me~"


The cry of such a heart did not reach, and finally the net did not recover,remain silent,Feeling time startIt has become….


In the end, the BGM was restored safely on the way, so I was relieved,More than that, I was relieved thatThe talk in the small room was livelyIt is a thing.


Our staff can't hear the contents of the story between members.but,When the voices of chatting somehow leaked out from the small room,I feel happy and happy so far.


One of the women who came that day was visiting the salon for the first time.It was.

It's not unreasonable, but at the beginning, I was very worried and me watching it(laughs)


However, when the feeling time starts,Such anxiety was blown away like a lie.


Needless to say, she is a charming and lovely person.Moreover, men's"Creating a casual mood"I have to say that it is as expected.


To make it easy to talk with any kind of woman,Sometimes with humor,Create a relaxed atmosphere with light.

Yes, even without BGM (sweat)!


"Lighten up women's feelings casually at the entrance"


This seems doable, but it is not something that can be done easily.Moreover, "casually" is the most difficult thing.

Surely not only women, even if the other party is a man,Every day, I also think that he is a person who can be considerate of others.I am learning from you.


After the matching was established, the woman's softened smile was very impressive.It was a relaxing day.



Shinji Hayama


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