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Merry Christmas!Choosing a gift that will never be missed

I am always taken care of.
My name is THESALON Haneda.

Merry Christmas!
How are you

Christmas is a weekday this year
Many couples were walking on weekends.
Haneda also had cake and had a Christmas party at home this year.
Oh 🍗I haven't eaten chicken💦
"Christmas is a big event!"
"Because it's Christmas!"
These days, I think that feeling has disappeared.

But for some reason I just want a present!
It's becoming a convenient head.

Last time, it was in the blog written by Kawakami

① Do you want to receive a surprise gift?
② Do you want to choose together at the shop?
③ Those who request what they want in advance

I thought it depends on the relationship

It would be great if you could choose together at the store or prepare what you requested.
Unexpected surprises are also very nice.
I would be happy if I could receive it from someone I never thought I would receive.

I think there are men who like surprises who want to see the happy faces of women.
I thought about the gifts I've received that made me happy.'s a little different from my taste.
Back... it would have been better if it was different.
Muffler, color is subtle

There are countless discrepancies...

What I was happy to receive
Home appliances.

Surprisingly, I want it and I'm interested, but it's also practical to receive something I wouldn't buy myself
I think I was happy.
(This is just Haneda's personal opinion. I did not take a questionnaire.)

-luxury dryer(I'm very happy. There is no doubt that people will think that I have good taste.)
There are many different manufacturers out there now, but the series that allows you to curl Dai*n's hair is the best!
Other hair dryers from beauty makers transform into smooth hair the moment it dries.

·Nowadaysshower headis also noteworthy.
Mirabu 〇, which instantly falls off even with oil-based markers, is very popular.
It gives me a faint feeling of happiness.
Or I recommend this one from Riya.
(Mr. Haneda bought it for his own Christmas. LOL)

In addition to home appliances, there are various things such as eye massagers.

※I am not a salesman of an electric shop (laughs)

I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas


THESALON Haneda Ayano


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