salon diary

A year of offense, not passive

Congratulations to all of you.


This is Sakurai from THE SALON.


Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, which has continued to spread since last year, many people may have spent the year-end and New Year holidays in a different way than before.

It will take some time before we can return to normal life.
As we welcome the new year, I just hope that this year we will be able to return to our normal lives little by little.


Although the future remains uncertain,
I would like to find what I can do at this time, and I hope to be fulfilled both at work and in my private life.


My personal goal for 2021 is to laugh more than last year and win the lottery!lol
The lottery is a bit of a joke, but it's one of my dreams that I try to fulfill every
However, the reality is not so sweet.The current situation is that I work diligently every day as a company employee ( ˙▿˙ ; )
I've changed my daily behavior so that I can seize the opportunities that come my way someday, and I'm just working hard every day ( ̀ᴗ ́ )و ̑̑


As a matter of fact, to be serious, I want to make this year a year in which I study a lot.

In my spare time from work, I'm going to devote myself to the things that interest me.


Also, as Sakurai of THE SALON, my goals for 2021 are:
To create the best setting and increase the number of female members.


“A year in which you can make use of what you have noticed with an aggressive attitude rather than a passive one”


It's been a while since I was assigned to THE SALON, and I'm still inexperienced.
We will do our best to satisfy our male and female members that they are glad to have joined SALON.


Thank you again this year.

Everyone please take care of yourself.


Asuka Sakurai


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