salon diary

New Year's Greetings Haneda

Always I am indebted.
My name is THE SALON Haneda.

New Year's greetings are late
"Happy new year.
May 2021 be a healthy and happy year for all of you.
I wish you all the best! ! "

Haneda's new year's resolution is...
1. 「keep a smile on your face'
Fortune comes to the laughing gate.

2. 「maintenance of exercise'
Well, it's a lot of exercise that doesn't last, but I decided to incorporate it once a day.
Running, trampoline, dancing, muscle training, whatever you do
Move your body according to the mood of the day.I want to be conscious of continuing without being able to do it.
It will also keep you healthy.
(I also want to do fasting!)

3. What is your goal at work?
"to learn and experience a lot'
"I want to make the salon a more amazing place'
I want to make a good relationship'
2021 is the 2nd anniversary of SALON,SALON big revolution is happening!
And I would like to encourage you to work without forgetting to be grateful.
(I'm fired up!)



Have you all had a good time on new year's day?
Did you see hatsuyume? ⛰
I used to dislike New Year's dishes, ozoni, and oshiruko, but now I really like them.

Haneda had a long winter vacation and stayed at home.
(I'm finally out of New Year's blur and writing a blog.)
I have a Golden Retriever x Poodle mix (Goldendoodle) at home.
I've been healed by a dog like a pure white polar bear.
Are you a dog person?Are you a cat person?
I like both!If you have pets, please show us your photos (^^)

It may be the first time I've ever spent such a quiet new year.
And even now, I've been hooked on reading the Demon Slayer manga.
(It's almost like a movie!) I'm addicted to becoming the main character, Tanjiro.
I have an unusual emotional empathy...

I would be very happy if you could keep up with Haneda's silly blog again this year.
Also, I would like to meet and talk directly with the members or hear your voice over the phone.
Female members, if you have anything, please contact us on line, etc.
Thank you very much 🌸


Ayano Haneda


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