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Enrollment of highly educated beauties

Always I am indebted.
This is Sakurai from THE SALON.


Ladies and gentlemen, how are you doing without losing to the cold and corona?


In January, I felt that the coldness increased remarkably,
According to the forecast for tomorrow, the highest temperature in Tokyo will be 19 degrees! ! !
It seems that the temperature is quite high for this time of year ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ )

I'm glad that there are warm days at this time of year,
If the temperature difference is large, it's easy to get sick:;((っ°ө°C));:


It's important to be careful not to get sick before corona 💦

Ladies and gentlemen, please take care of your body.


Well now (﹡ˆᴗˆ﹡) 
(☝This is the main character's catchphrase in a manga I've read in the last few days. Sorry for the sudden familiarity🙇‍♀️)

I would like to introduce today's main subject, a highly educated beautiful woman.


The woman I would like to introduce today is
It is << active certain famous college student beautiful woman >>.


Tall, small face and great style!And the skin that is important for women is really beautiful! !

SALON is the first to be registered in the dating club (⑉• •⑉)★

By getting stimulation from older men who you can't usually meet,
I was told that I want to turn my interest into knowledge and connect it to my own growth.


Youth is an irreplaceable thing, with infinite possibilities.

You are already a beautiful woman, but by meeting a wonderful man at the salon,
She is a woman who is looking forward to the future, hoping that she will become a more attractive woman.


If you are interested, please let the person in charge know.


Asuka Sakurai


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