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15 yen budget and chocolate concierge

Always I am indebted.
My name is THE SALON Haneda.
(I will continue to have fun with this year's goal exercise (^^))

What's with the obscure title?
that's right.This is the title because I want you to see it.

The budget of 15 yen is
THESALON Kawakami presents chocolates for Valentine's Day this year
It seems that it is a budget to buy "for yourself".

I said that while having lunch with Kawakami.

Haneda:"That's crazy ◯ isn't it lol"
Kawakami, who talks about chocolate, has a smile like a girl's 100 points
(Let's work with that smile as a weapon)
Ever since before, every year on Valentine's Day, she has said that she is looking forward to buying and eating new chocolates from overseas. !
I think you are very good at it!
It will tell you all about which cake shop is recommended.
If you want to name it Chocolate Concierge
(Wow, it looks sweet and delicious!)

It seems that he has already reserved 6 yen worth of chocolate this year. .

Hayama:"Will you eat it all year round?"
Kawakami:"No, I will eat everything before the expiration date."

Wow! !

If you had a budget of 15 yen that you could spend on whatever you like, what would you buy?
Haneda's head
Can I buy that wallet over there?
No, shall we go on a hot spring trip?
do you eat eel?
Should I make it a high-end melon?
It was so much fun to think alone.

For Kawakami, the reward is chocolate.
(Although I think this is beyond the cuteness dimension.. It's still kind of cute.)

If chocolate is a female member...

What kind of delicious chocolate will men choose?

Sweetness after bitterness?
Or a taste of adventure you've never tasted before?
A little intoxicating bonbon?

Chocolate that you can't tell just by looking at it is something you can only feel when you put it in your mouth.
I can't believe you can make so many fantasies with chocolate!
Kawakami of Chocolate Concierge always has a certain calmness, but this year, I would like to draw out more and more.
Female members, Kawakami knows more than you can imagine, so please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for reading to the end today.


Haneda Ayano


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