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Valentine's Day has already started.

Always I am indebted.
This is Kawakami from THE SALON.

Regarding the goal of "reading a book for 5 minutes every day" that I wrote in the previous blog,
I completely forgot about it the next day.
I can see how you're not used to it.
I have continued since the next day...
I'm slow to read, so I can't progress at all in 5 minutes💦

I read Haneda's previous blog.
I'm a completely crazy person...
Always, always,
"Why don't you pay 1,000 yen or 2,000 yen for bar chocolate! 1 yen per box!? Idiot!"(Sudden Kansai dialect)
I thought, but when I noticed, there was chocolate at hand...
I sometimes wonder what I could have bought if I hadn't bought chocolate.
I also think it's stupid to spend so much money on vanishing items.
I've known this for years, but I can't stop.
But when asked if he likes chocolate more than any other food...?

My knowledge is still shallow, so I'll either master it quickly or get bored
I want to be in a state where I don't need 5 yen in my budget because I buy things I like and a few new things.

Start by walking around the city.
I'm completely infertile, but...
(Because of my homelessness, I feel like I have a surplus budget.)

Kawakami is completely a Valentine for himself,
How are you all doing?
I think that the percentage of "reward yourself" type like Kawakami is increasing year by year,
After all, there are many people who give presents to people they like as a ratio.

Like Christmas gifts
I feel like chocolate will also test how much you look at your opponent on a daily basis.
Valentine's Day has already started. (Title recovery)

Do you like sweets or do you not like them?
What about alcohol?What about fruit?How about matcha or black tea?fresh cream?
Are they happy with handmade food, or are they people who can't eat handmade food?
Are you interested in food in the first place?

The more I think about it, the less I understand.

I'm curious about what kind of Valentine you will give.

When Kawakami gives?

I will impose Kawakami's taste.

Good luck to all! !

Sana Kawakami


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