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Pure love supremacy.

thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


very often lately"pure love"I noticed myself saying the word.


Until now, even though I thought, "Pure love is such a beautiful word,"It seems to contain some falsehood, and to use it openly, a certain kind ofI felt itchy.

To be honest, I think there was also embarrassment.ignorant and immature,I can't deny the unrealistic image...


But since when?

head onspeak of pure love,I have more time to thinkIt is


It is undeniable that I will be able to work at SALON.After that (laughs).

Surprisingly deep relationship between dating club and pure loveIt's an opportunity to witness the.


I completely turned into a “pure love maniac”.I quickly looked it up on Wikipedia.


“Pure love is pure, sincere love.I don't mind sacrificing my life for that person.Love, love without physical relationship (Platonic love),Love that does not ask for anything in return (unconditional love)”


and so on….

Quite frankly, it's too beautiful!It is the ideal form of love.

Rubbed by the waves of the world, tired from swimmingWhat heals a man's heart is stillnothing but pure loveI want to shout (heat)!


Every day, while listening to stories from male members, "Perhaps,Is this person also looking for pure love? ”I have more things to think about.

When I first came to SALON, I thought it was completely the opposite.It was completely shallow.


"Dating Club = Place for Dating"Because there is an unspoken rule that"Unconditional Love"I thought there was no man who wantedIt is


However, the more hearings and meetings we have, the moreI feel like many men are craving for pure love.

Of course, our principalsI don't use the expression "pure love" lightly.After all, "serious dating is taboo"I think it's because there is a trend.


I often say that "the best relationship is the one that doesn't spoil",In front of a dry woman who can dexterously divide her mind and body 120%,Will the man really be excited?


The answer is no!is.


I don't know if it's a good analogy,Even a sex shop that is completely divisible and enjoys physical relationships,If the lady is too "not here in the heart",The man is sad and withers.


True after-rot is troublesome, but on the other hand,The fact that there is absolutely no possibility of spoilage is also sad in its own way.

Dividing with the mouth, pure love with the heart.


It may be difficult for women to understand, but there are more than a few contradictions in men's emotions.

It is precisely because of this imbalance thatIs it a man's instinct to feel the stimulating nature of the game?

Even if you want to get the whole woman's heart,Is this another instinct?


Anyway, my experience at SALONConsideration of pure lovecontinues….



Shinji Hayama


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