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The staff expose themselves more than any dating club

Thank you very much for your help.
This is Kawakami from THE SALON.

The baton has passed from Haneda, so I will answer.
The baton blog is kind of nostalgic.
When was the last time you did...
middle School student?
I feel like I was doing it on a blog that has ended its service now.

OK, let's get started!

♦Please briefly introduce yourself.
Born in the country, raised in the country
Aspiring to Tokyo every day,
I moved to Tokyo when I joined this company.
I like traveling and food tours, but I'm just a lazy homemaker.
The number of shops that I know the name of but have never been to will increase.

♦ What is Hayama seen from Kawakami?
It's a mood maker!
Very friendly and funny staff,
I am the only male member of the salon staff, but there are no barriers.
I am not a playful staff, but I am serious about my work.
There is a part of me that feels like I am relying too much,
You can be stricter!

♦Please tell me the best way to relax.
I realized that I like the time to enjoy a long bath at the hotel of my travel destination.
After that, talk as much as you like with your close friends and laugh...
It may be the best way to take a break from time to time.

♦Please tell me your ideal date.
I want you to go where I want to go and have fun together.
I am forever self-centered...

♦What was the happiest thing about working at SALON?
After setting, from both men and women
"Very nice. Best ever!"
That's what you said.
I felt that it was the moment when I was able to embody the ideal of SALON.

♦Finally, please tell us your enthusiasm.
About 7 months have passed since I started working at the salon.
There have been many changes in this short period of time.
There are also big changes ahead.
I'm still desperately trying to do something...
We will do our best to contribute to the improvement of satisfaction of SALON members!

Thank you for your continued support.

Sana Kawakami


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