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SALON Baton Blog ~From Sakurai to Haneda~

Always I am indebted.
This is Sakurai from THE SALON.


I came around from Hayama! SALON staff baton blog!Last! !
It made me feel a little nostalgic, thinking that I did something like this on a blog that was popular when I was in high

At the end, I would like to connect Sakurai to Haneda and to the goal \( ˆoˆ )/


♦Please briefly introduce yourself.
Born in Kyushu, raised in Kyushu, moved to Tokyo at the age of 18 and is about to enter its 8th year.
Coincidentally, like Hayama, I spent all my days playing tennis in junior high school.
My tennis career ended when I reached the top 4 of the Kyushu tournament...( ᵕ_ᵕ̩̩ )
My friends often say to me, "Asuka can't exercise, right?", but I'm confident in my motor nerves! ! !lol
Even with this, the fastest 50m time is 6.8 seconds!At the Sports Festival, I was chosen as a relay player every year!

After entering high school, I really wanted to become a baseball manager.
At the high school I went to, managers of the opposite sex were prohibited, so I gave up...
When I was in high school, I was absorbed in hanging out with my friends, watching high school baseball, and working part-time ( ´罒`*)✧

Immediately after coming to Tokyo, I didn't know that I had an accent, and I spoke in Kyushu dialect.
Every time I say something, I am often asked, "What did you say just now?"
That's when I realized for the first time how much my accent was...and then I learned standard Japanese (。・_・。)

This is the story of how I mastered standard Japanese. (eh)


♦ What is Haneda seen from Sakurai?
In a nutshell, she is a “sister skin” and a very dependable boss.
She is a cool woman with a deep bosom that makes you want to talk to her about not only work but also your private troubles.
Thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement (♡ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)⁾⁾⁾

Sakurai's heartfelt voice → "Mr. Haneda, your skin is beautiful~I wonder what kind of care you take~"
I'm always in the middle of the day. (You can ask directly)


♦Please tell me the best way to relax.
It's about lounging around with your dog🐕
It's the best to heal when you see a relaxed figure or a happy figure.The healing power of animals is enormous! !


♦Please tell me your ideal date.
Hmm.what do you want.Surprisingly, I can't think of
It's fun to go on a date with someone you like, no matter where you go or what you do, but if you're forced to say it, would you like to see the beautiful sea together?


♦What was the happiest thing about working at SALON?
When you can see the smiles of the two men and women when they are established.
While I find it difficult to make custom settings, I also enjoy the time spent thinking through trial and error.It's one of the moments when I feel rewarded when the setting I set up is successful.


♦Finally, please tell us your enthusiasm.
Three months have already passed since I was assigned to SALON.
I would like to make it a dating club where men and women who join SALON can think, "I'm glad I joined SALON"!I will cherish the small notices and keep an eye on them every day so that I can make use of them in the salon✨


Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON and the SALON staff.


Asuka Sakurai


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