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It was published in the magazine Armadillo!

Always I am indebted.
This is THESALON Haneda.
We are now in August.
eh! !Another year, 12/1th over?It's too early.
(Haneda is doing the exercise that was set as a goal for this year every day.)
My body and mind are getting softer.
Continuation is power

The last baton blog has come full circle.
thank you everybody.
It was fun to see the staff that I don't usually know.
I would like to do it again at some point.

I have also updated the information.
This time we will tell members in detail about the magazine armadillo.
This is the second time that I have been featured in this magazine.
It is not sold in stores, and only wealthy people can get it.
(What a premium feeling 👑)

The contents are interesting anyway!

There are financial circumstances and senses of papa activities, and actual trouble papa activities.
The page that Haneda liked was the page called The Uncle Strange in the World, which was particularly interesting.
(This is a man who is absolutely out from a woman's point of view)

And the main thing is a travel feature.
"Eh, is there such a nice hotel?"
"I definitely want to stay here someday! I want to go!"
“Can I stay at the Palace of Versailles?”
I can't go to such wonderful inns all over Japan now, but I had a dream in the overseas special feature.

I would love to give it to the salon members.
We will also send it to members who are not able to go out due to Corona now.
Please feel free to contact us.

It seems that pollen is twice as much as last year in February.
The cold days continue, but please be careful of your body.


Haneda Ayano


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