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thank you always.

This is hayama from the salon.


Just the other day, I was in charge of an interview with a woman at the office.


at the time of settingWhen I finished explaining "success/failure",I had a question.


Woman: "Speaking of which, I read your staff's blog.For men, you almost always decide on a woman's face (laughs)? ”


Doki (That staff is me 💦)!


Indeed, I used to"98% of women are determined by their looks. No,! ”I've written a very strong article like this.

To the last, the opinion of men's eyes without beauty,This is the reason I wanted to tell you instinctively...


"Why do men only look at women's faces?"


In that way, it's not easy to interpret it simply, so as a representative of the man, I answered vigorously!


Hayama: "There's no such thing!I think it's the appearance that has the inside.gentlemanly men,Respect women's humanity! ”


So, it was Hayama who easily withdrew his past remarks (he's weak~).


Then,Is "XNUMX% looks" a lie?

no!It's not a lie.


but,Men emphasize appearance only at the entrance of encounters,Talking at the start line.


It's just a moment.


Starting to run, in inverse proportion to the man gradually becoming calmer,A little later, the spotlight hits the inner world and humanity of women.

Here, "whether to add points or subtract points" isI believe that it is the key that greatly affects the success or failure of a project.


anyway, like thisI feel very happy to be able to have various chats with men and women.It's days.

I have learned a lot from my conversations with members.


I would appreciate it if you could continue to send your questions and opinions to Hayama without hesitation!



Shinji Hayama


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