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Introducing a neat and clean beauty

Always I am indebted.
This is Kawakami from THE SALON.

Since we bought a lot of chocolates in February, we are busy consuming them every day.
It's safe to say that February has chocolate in my veins.
By the way, I plan to talk about Valentine's Day (chocolate) until March.
Thank you very much (・∀・)

Now to the main topic.
Introducing the students who registered today.

Haneda was in charge of the interview, but I also saw the video.

Or so cute~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shiny skin ✨
Full of transparency!
It was written on the interview sheet with Nogizaka Kei, but it's exactly what it is.

Nice natural smile!

Polite! !

THE Neat! ! !

Rather than being excited,
Considering his age, he has a calm and mature look.
Such a place is also attractive 💕

oh no~ it's lovely~ it's so cute~
I have watched the video many

I think you're already a very nice woman.
You are still young,
I think it will be further polished and beautiful from now on.

I would be happy if meeting a man at a salon would be the trigger for that...♡
thought Kawakami.

Sana Kawakami


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